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Hi! I’m Talisha.

I’m a millennial who wants to save the world. Totally doable, right? Yep.

You’re here because you want to save the world, too. Good. I can help you with that.

Climate change. Genetically modified foods. Carcinogens and toxic chemicals. We are constantly bombarded with cryptic messages about the environment and the products we consume and use around our families everyday.

How can you make sense of it all? How can you sort through what’s true and what’s a bunch of bologna? How can you make positive changes that benefit both the environment and your family? That’s where I come in.

How Can I Help You?

I’m just an average woman living in Central Kansas on a budget (we’re famous for our booming economy).  And that’s what makes me the right person for the job! Because I’m just like you.

I began my journey towards a more natural way of living in February of 2017, when I started to explore my spirituality and my relationship with nature. I was tasked with identifying 3 small, sustainable life changes that took less and gave more back to the earth. This opened my eyes to a world of possibilities.  I developed a passion for being more conscious of the effect that my choices have on…everything.

If you’re curious about what you can do to give more and take less, or you want to make confident, informed decisions about what products you eat and use around your family, this is the blog for you. Here you will find cleaner eating recipes, tutorials for homemade cleaners, reviews of greener products, and much more. You can also learn the 5 steps you can take right now to start living a more natural life (including the changes I made) by signing up for my email list!

I do not promise to be perfect. There are still products I use and foods I eat that are the epitome of “wasteful” and “chemical” (think Coca-Cola). Learning to live naturally is a process and does not happen overnight. It’s okay to make your own laundry detergent and then buy BBQ sauce at the store. The key is to keep learning and exploring what is right for you.

Again, I do not promise to be perfect. But I promise to keep learning and to help you learn with me. On this journey, you will become more confident in the decisions that you make for your family. You will become a more informed consumer. You will feel more at ease with the footprint you leave on the earth.

You will help me save the world, one change at at time.

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And Now… The Fun Stuff!

Laughing Wedding

The 411

Married to Tyler since October 3, 2015.
BS Psychology, Fort Hays State University, 2015.
Employed full time as a mental health case manager.

I prefer coffee over tea, unless it’s green.
Favorite band: The Beatles
Favorite book and favorite movie: Harry Potter
Favorite author: Stephen King
Favorite color: Pink
Favorite subject in school: English
Favorite food: All of it
Favorite pizza toppings: Supreme, hand-tossed
Favorite season: Autumn
Favorite sport: Baseball – Go Red Sox!
Favorite holiday: Halloween